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Malaysia’s No.1 cultured milk drink VITAGEN urgently needed to address a decline in appeal among Malay Millennials. Their main objective was to resonate with the younger audience and establish an emotional relevance with them. 


Together with Astro, a new communication message ‘Change from Within’ or ‘Transformasi Diri Bermula Dari Dalam’ was created to embody the product’s functional message in an emotional approach.

TV was a key medium for its high reach among Malay millennials. Astro identified the Akademi Fantasia 2016 as the ideal platform. A reality television show which follows the trial and tribulations of 12 contestants called 'students' as they compete in 'real time' for the winning title and a chance to start their career in the entertainment industry. 

From the programme, Astro created new assets and leveraged existing properties to integrate VITAGEN’s message to successfully deliver brand love among Malay Millennials.



  • 7.6 million nett TV viewers across 8 weeks, making AF2016 the No.1 programme among Malays Millennials!
  • 3X more TV viewers than its closest rival programme on free-to-air TV.
  • 7.2 million views garnered across Astro Gempak digital platforms (Web, FB, YouTube).
  • 8.2 million digital engagement (like, share, comments) captured on Astro and VITAGEN social media platforms.
  • 300,000+ online views of the VITAGEN ‘Transformasi’ Theme Song music video.
  • 242,000+ online views for the VITAGEN ‘Best Transformasi Performance Award’.
  • 160 TV spots valued at US$220,000 of VITAGEN Branded Promo by Contestants.
  • 8X return-on-investment in exposure and production across Astro’s TV, Radio and Digital platforms.

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