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As a player in a high-heat telecommunications category, Ramadhan-Raya is a crucial period for Digi to engage with the Malay audience. Each year, consumers are bombarded by hundreds of thematic Ramadhan-Raya ads and messages by competitors and as a result, causing a dilution of messages in the advertising pool.

Instead of out-spending competitors, a strategy to cut through the clutter and engage with consumers emotionally. The key objective was to raise DiGi’s Top-of-Mind score from status quo amongst young adults aged 25-34. 



Working together with Astro, Digi wanted to cut through the festive clutter of Ramadhan-Raya & raise its Top-of-Mind score with ‘Lebih Erat’ communication. Fusing it with Astro’s festive communication ‘Berikan Masa’, a collaborated theme ‘Berikan Masa, Lebih Erat’ was formed. Stacy & Akim's, Astro talents and Digi ambassador were spending their first Ramadan-Raya as husband & wife. As such, it was decided to demonstrate ‘Berikan Masa, Lebih Erat’ via Akim & Stacy. 

A 5-episode reality mini-series ‘Lebaran Akim & Stacy’ was produced and premiered exclusively on Malaysia’s top online Malay entertainment portal, Astro Gempak. As part of the content in the reality series, the couple was given a task to write a Raya song to convey ‘Lebih Erat’ through lyrics. Teaser behind-the-scene videos were added on Astro Gempak & seeded using social media, producing extra content for the show. Countdown campaign on top entertainment news program HLIVE added anticipation to the song release amongst viewers.

To launch the song, DiGi took over an entire episode of MeleTOP, extended its reality content from online & brought the ambassadors to the No.1 live talkshow on Astro, where Akim & Stacy shared their experience going through the first Ramadhan-Raya as a married couple & how they have bonded while spending time producing the song together. Exclusive behind-the-scenes videos were also shown first time on the show. The song was premiered when Akim and Stacy performed ‘Raya Lebih Erat’ to wrap up the 1-hour live show. 



  • Astro Gempak video: recorded total 619k views
  • Behind-the-scenes videos: 473k views
  • Music video: played 55,000 times
  • Mini series: 91,000 views
  • Social media platform: recorded 5.2mil reach and 50,000 engagements.
  • MeleTOP episode take-over: Reached out to total 2 million audiences. 
  • HLIVE weekly segments: viewed by 4 million audiences.
  • 10-seconds fillers: garnered 5.7million viewers.
  • 60-second roadblock execution: reached 634,000 audiences.



Berikan Masa, Lebih Erat