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Panasonic needed to build affinity with urban women, as they were essential buyers & users for its Beauty, Cooking & Home appliances. To stay ahead of competition, Panasonic needed a unified communication platform to showcase the 3 key product pillars. 



3 segments were identified based on female interests. Riding on Astro’s strong affinity with women, a partnership was formed, allowing Panasonic to co-own 3 international channels, by matching the channels’ audience profiles, identities, with each pillar’s proposition. (DIVA: beauties; TLC: foodies; LiTV: home lovers). Channel partners’ ident incorporate Panasonic branding throughout the campaign. 

Branded promos ran on with genre targeting strengthened its association with the segments. Bespoke creative vignettes were created for each pillar, using personalities of different backgrounds. TV vignettes ran on genre-relevant channels & on online to extend reach. Targeted ads were deployed to drive traffic for the videos & online contests hosted by the channels. 


  • This partnership garnered ROI of 23.7.

  • Over 20 Panasonic products were showcased under this unified campaign.

  • Panasonic sales shot up & scored 104% versus planned.

  • Awareness of Panasonic female range rose as the campaign reached close to 3 million urban females on Astro, and 50% females with household income above RM5,000.

  • The campaign had successfully boosted Panasonic brand affinity among urban women. Where sales figures increased by 4%. 


Panasonic Loves Women