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Aura White's main objective was to gain awareness of its brand and create differentiation between its brand and their competitors'. 



To differentiation Aurawhite to their competitors, Aurawhite amplified its ambassadors’ husband and wife identity, which is unique to its brand only. To communicate the message, “Two is Better Than One” campaign was launched. It was important to demonstrate the duo’s relationship at the forefront of the brand, to create relevance with the grassroots Malays, and to serve as inspiration for audiences to pursue success while maintaining wholesome relationships with their family.

Aurawhite partnered with Astro TV to communicate the brand’s “Two is Better Than One” message and introduce the duo ambassadors. Aurawhite adopted Duo Star’s sponsorship and partnered with Astro TV’s Duo Star, a duet singing competition as the show’s concept was in line with Aurawhite’s brand message.



Pilot season of Duo Star garnered a total reach of 6.2 million viewers in 7 weeks.
Aurawhite-Duo Star sponsorship campaign has reached 11.6 million viewers on Astro.
Garnered a strong reach of 76% among total individuals aged 4+. 
RM1.6 million budget, we achieved more than 9.2x ROI. 
Aurawhite sales shot up after the show aired. 

Two Is Better Than One