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Millennials and Astro: a surprisingly good mix

Millennials no longer watch TV and only glued to their devices. Really? Let’s find out the truth…

You have a brand that targets the Millennials; but it is said that Millennials are only glued to their devices and do not watch TV.

“TV is only for senior citizens”

“Millennials watch everything from the internet – fast, on the go, on demand, cost-free!”

“Even if they do watch, it’s very minimal”

“You’ll be wasting your ad dollars to target Millennials on TV”


Really? Let’s see…

Across all ethnicities, the Millennials watch just as much TV as other age groups.


The difference is that the viewing preference of the Millennials is more diversified. On average, they surfed 5% more channels.  


(Avg. Number of Sessions Daily is the average number of channel switches in a day)

There is an opportunity to win over the hearts of Millennials in genres they engage with. While Vernacular is a core area, the Millennials also enjoy more English and Korean content than the average audience.


Reality shows, Travelogues and Dramas led by young casts also appeal more to the millennials. 



Millennials do watch TV on Astro!  With the right formula mix, marketers will be able to win them effectively.  It’s all about creating value of differentiation with the right investment, and Astro is always your best partner.



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