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Celebrate Hari Raya with 93% of Malay homes

BIG BIG shows ahead

Hari Raya Aidilfitri is the biggest festival in the nation, and with Astro dominating more than 73% of viewership, no other platform will give you a better return on your advertising investment!  Capitalise on our strong line-up of content across multiple screens, providing extensive opportunities for brand integration and engagement beyond a 30-sec ad.

All our key signature shows will be given a special Raya twist to create more sparks from the strong fan base. Sepahtu Reunion Raya, Bocey & Friends Raya Lah Pulak, Megalawak Gegar Vaganza and AF Megastar are some of the BIG BIG Raya entertainment shows in the pipeline.

Much anticipated Raya miniseries, Ti Amore, Sweetheart, 100 Hari and Awak Suka Saya Tak? will be the talk of the town this Hari Raya with interesting storylines brought to life by top celebrities such as Neelofa, Scha Alyahya and Emma Maembong.

Not only that, a list of local blockbuster movies such as Abang Long Fadil 2 (Malaysia’s highest-grossing film), Kimchi Untuk Awak, Sindiket, Kau Yang Satu, Terobekraya, Minah Moto, Jibam and Pajeri Nenas will surely grab millions of eyeballs during this Raya festive season.

There’s also an exciting new content coming up to target the Chinese millennials. Following the success of the web drama May I Love You, our top Chinese entertainment portal Xuan will be hosting Malaysia’s first and only digital-led talent search for campus icon. Everyone on campus stands a chance to compete for the crown of Mr & Miss Xuan, and be the next rising star in the entertainment industry.

Pitting ten champions against mystery challengers, the groundbreaking NH Nutri Grains Hua Hee Champion competition returns 13 May. Who are the challengers and who will reign as champion? Join the excitement to uplift your brand presence!


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