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Astro Solidifies Position in the Digital Landscape with the launch of ‘Gempak App’

Targeting Malaynnials, ‘Gempak’ plans to become the most prominent digital entertainment platform in the Nusantara region

Astro today introduced a fresh new look for ‘Gempak’, Malaysia’s number one entertainment portal. Set to target Malay Millennials or ‘Malaynnials’ (young adults between 18 to 34 years old), ‘Gempak’ can be accessed online at or by downloading the ‘Gempak App’ for free on mobile devices from the Google Play Store for Android users, and from the Apple App Store for iPhone users.

‘Gempak’ offers a myriad of exclusive content including videos, the latest news and entertainment, tips and tutorials, current lifestyle updates, and the best of local and international television series.

Head of Branding, Malay Marketing & Gempak, Raja Jastina Arshad said, “To be a worthy brand of choice, we therefore need to be on par with global bests whilst applying local nuances to provide the simplest, the most intuitive, the richest, the most relevant, the most personalised, and the best value to our customers.

‘Gempak’, our popular Malay entertainment service launched in June 2012, continues to engage and entertain over 55 million unique visitors from the day it was introduced up till today. The latest statistic for the month of Jan – July 2017 marked that we’ve reached more than 20 million unique visitors. Whilst on the digital views, we’ve achieved 1.1 billion views accumulatively (via website, YouTube and Facebook), with 264 million views from Jan – July 2017 respectively.

‘Gempak’ aims to foster a fandom culture around the content it offers via videos, ground events, online social communities, and digital-first web series content to give viewers a heightened experience aligned to what new age customers demand and expect. Understanding that Malaynnials connect with each other mostly via the mobile devices, we now offer a ‘Gempak’ mobile app to deepen our engagement with this fast growing community.”

Today, potential market opportunities can be created from the 5.21 million tech-savvy ‘Malaynnials’, who are active on new media platforms, demanding instant ‘on demand’ content from around the globe via a borderless digital ecosystem. ‘Gempak’ recognized that 88% of its users accessing the internet via smart devices or mobile, lean towards User Generated Content (UGC), hence ‘Gempak’ aims to increase its content assets of the like to attract users to continue staying connected online, and making the ‘Gempak’ digital platform the go-to medium for them.

Through ‘Gempak’, consumers can be a part of its fan club, ‘Gempak Fans’, and stand a chance to enjoy amazing rewards, own exclusive merchandise, and have opportunities to participate in exciting activities.

‘Gempak’ offers fans a wide variety of exlusive content, such as ‘The House’. Fans of this popular title will be excited to know that ‘Gempak’ has launched a brand-new season of ‘The House’ which stars Fattah Amin, popular home-grown actor and, Alvin Chong, a young rising star that is steadily making his mark in the local arts industry. ‘The House’, the first reality programme to be exclusively introduced digitally, and now a key-title on ‘Gempak’, has had three successful seasons while collectively garnering a total of 31 million video views and more than 46 million hits on social media, through a holistic marketing strategy.

Now, ‘Gempak’ being a pioneer of digital content, will introduce more ‘freemium’ content or free premium quality content, for users to enjoy. Other exclusive content that will be introduced soon include ‘Mata Cinta’, a digital romantic-comedy drama series, featuring famous actresses such as Juliana Evans, Sasha Saidin and Dynas Mokhtar. ‘Gempak’ will also feature for the first time, digital reality programme, ‘Digital Idol’, which searches for the most influential social media personalities. As ‘Digital Idol’ is set to recognize the most popular key figures in the digital sphere, ‘Gempak’ will be collaborating with digital media marketing expert MaxMan.TV for this.

At the same time, to generate more traffic on ‘Gempak’, strategic partnerships with renowned young talents in the digital sphere will be formed, providing these talents with a platform to share their articles or other creative work.

Echoing the notion that ‘Gempak’ offers the best deals to clusters of advertisers and corporations, General Manager of Blaze Digital, Jayaram Nagaraj said “Digital marketing is now seen as the preferred medium for many companies today. ‘Gempak’ offers flexibility in meeting the demands of advertising, providing tailored solutions to the specifications advertisers want. We are equipped with a team of creative minds, and state-of-the-art facilities to build exclusive content as requested by advertisers within the timeline given. Furthermore, ‘Gempak’ has access to a myriad of popular homegrown talents that can be featured in content they wish to market in the digital space. Against such a backdrop, I am confident ‘Gempak’ is the best platform for all brands to be featured on.”

Apart from ‘Gempak’, Astro owns 21 other iconic digital brands including Astro Awani, Rojak Daily, Xuan, In Trend, Astro Ulagam and more. Through Astro’s digital marketing arm, ‘Blaze Digital’, Astro has recently inked a strategic alliance with 11 digital publishers. With this, Astro’s average reach on Facebook totals up to more than 100 million, against 20 million users.


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