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K-Pop Fans Final Showdown

Ride the K-Wave with Astro

After waiting for almost 10 hours, over 10,000 screaming fans heralded the arrival of the stellar cast of The Battleship Island, to catch a glimpse of the heartthrob Song Joong Ki.

K-entertainment is hotter than ever, and the demand continues to rise. In less than a year, K-Drama attracted close to 570K followers and in the last quarter of the year, saw five concerts featuring Korean stars in Malaysia.

Here are some K-Stats:

  • An average of 4.7 million viewers consume Korean content offered by Astro weekly.
  • Close to half of Astro viewers watch Korean content where East Malaysians seem to be bigger fans with 54% consuming the content with an average of 90 minutes daily, as compared to 44% of Peninsular Malaysians with an average of 80 minutes daily.
  • Malay viewers are accounted for close to 80% of viewing share. 


K-Pop Fans Viewing Share


However, are the young and the old watching the same content?

Reality or variety shows are most popular amongst young adults aged between 15 to 19 as it took the top 5 placing out of the Top 10 Programs.


Top 10 programs for Malay Females aged 15-19


While females aged between 50 to 59, can be seen as real Drama Junkies, they are avid followers of K-dramas on various channels.


Top 10 Programs for Malay Females aged 50-59 


Fans are most likely watching their favourite Korean content at their convenience or on repeat as 52% of the viewing is time-shifted, highest across the various content segments.

Longest running title, Running Man is consistently delivering eyeballs during the late night slots which garnered an average of 760K viewership at 23:05 and 645K viewership at 24:05 respectively.

K-wave is certainly here to stay. Ride the wave with us in 2018!



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