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End 2017 with a bang!

MY Coffee Prince, Jejak Jepun Jihan S3, Where Got Money? and Vallavar

As the year end nears, Astro is happy to usher in 2018 with exciting new dramas, travelogues and reality TV shows where marketers have an array of audiences to target in gettting everyone excited about the new year. 

Astro will kick off the month of festivities by adding to its repertoire of drama shows with MY Coffee Prince, an adaptation of a popular Korean drama. Directed by Michael Ang, this Malaysian version will feature Fattah Amin, Janna Nik and other famous names.

Another drama on the list is Where Got Money?, Astro AEC’s first-ever locally produced Mandarin sitcom that showcases how three young millennials and post-80s career women make a comeback after hitting rock bottom due to bankruptcy. Lin Jian Wen 林健文 (Famously known for Ola Bola’s Ah Cai) & Willian Chen Jian Hong陈建宏 make their debut on TV drama.

To stoke the fires of your wanderlust, follow Jihan Muse as she takes us on a fun and entertaining journey that explores the hidden treasure of Japan with Jejak Jepun Jihan Season 3.

Entering its 4th season, Vallavar is back to test endurances on both physical and mental levels in search of the fittest and strongest!



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