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Tahfiz Muda Season 2 Presents 12 Young Participants

Combination of participants from Malaysia and Indonesia guarantees a tough competition

The Islamic childrens program, Tahfiz Muda returns for its second season and expanded its wings at the Nusantara level with participants from Indonesia. The show will see 12 tahfiz muda from ages 5 to 12 from all over Malaysia and Indonesia who managed to grab a spot as a participant. 


  • "Tahfiz Muda 2017" is a reality program that tests and uncover the children's skills towards their ability in memorizing the Holy Quran.
  • With the theme of 'Quranku, Sahabatku', the program will broadcast for seven weeks and will bring viewers to appreciate the Quran as a guide and light in life, thereby increasing the taqwa of Muslims to Allah SWT in order to work harder in understanding Quran and to practice it in their everyday life.
  • The 12 participants are Naufal Haris Mohd Rizal (11 years, Johor), Muhammad Mikail Muhammad Lukman (8 years, Bangi), Gema Rasya Kaka Wiratama (9 years, Indonesia), Arif Nur Aiman Ahdin (11 years, Sabah) Nurul Syazliana Ayob (10 years old, Pahang), Fatimah Az-Zahra Muwafik (5 years old), Siti Aisyah Firdaus (7 years old, Selangor), Sya Aqyah Firdaus , Nur Khodijah Sohaimi (10 years old, Selangor), Amna Nafisa Malik (8 years old, Kuala Lumpur) and Muhammad Fawwaz Mohd Farhan (11 years old, Selangor).
  • For this season, "Tahfiz Muda 2017" will be judged entirely by four judges Ustaz PU Hafiz and Ustaz Don Daniyal as' Hakab Munabbih (Hafazan) ', Ustazah Sharifah as' Judge of Tilawah & Taranum' and Ustaz Zambri as Tajwid Judge.
  • Imam Muda Asyraf will also be featured as the show host for this year.
  • In addition, the program will also feather popular female actress and host, Elfira Loy, who will be in charge of the ‘Pengacara Rehal’ and will work together with Imam Muda Asyraf.
  • To enliven this season, there will be an animated character named Adam. Adam will make an appearance during the segments in Persada Tahfiz Muda episodes to share some interesting tips and trivia on the Quran.



“Tahfiz Muda 2017” will be aired every Thursday starting 14 December 2017 at 9pm on Astro Oasis (channel 106) and simulcast on Maya HD (channel 135). The program can also be enjoyed on the digital platforms of Astro Go and ‘On Demand’.


  • Every week, participants will go through challenges with different themes. They are tasked to memorize passages contained in the 30 constituents (Juz Amma) and selected passages. They will be assessed from their smoothness in reading, tajwid accuracy, reading creativity (tarannum), skills and personality, basic knowledge of the fardu ‘ain and presentation of creative ideas.
  • When judging the weekly performances, juries can ask the participants questions with regards to the passage that was read out such as the reading technique and the story behind the passage. They will also be ask general question such as stories of the Prophet and his friends as well as questions pertaining to fardu’ ain.  
  • On some of the stage performances, participants will be challenged by the judges, guest Islamic icons and also by the audience to perfect the passage that has been selected randomly.
  • Scoring is made entirely by the line of juries and participants with the lowest scores, will be eliminated the following week. 


  • Winner                        - RM 10,000.00 and a trophy
  • Runner up                   - RM 7,000.00 and a trophy
  • Third                            - RM 5,000.00 and a trophy
  • Forth                            - RM 3,000.00 and a trophy


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