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Think Malaynnials; Think Astro

Astro Resonates with Malay Consumers; 83% Penetration of Malay Homes

Kuala Lumpur, 25 March 2016 – Astro kicked off its Astro Universe campaign today with a focus on the “Malaynnials” defined as progressive Malay consumers below the age of 35 years old, who are influenced by the digital era and the social media culture. Currently over 10.3 mn or 65% of all Malay consumers, the Malaynnials is the biggest consumer segment, thus a growing and an important market segment for advertisers. 

Khairul Salleh, Vice President Malay Language Business, Astro said, “The market is evolving, and the industry needs to keep up with the changing trends and find new ways to engage with the consumers. Increasingly viewing share and social engagement have become an important currency, as more consumers are increasingly connecting and socializing on TV, radio, online, mobile, on social and on ground. We believe Astro through its strong local signature IPs, has a deep understanding of engaging its Malay viewers. Thanks to our bigger and better winning signature content, we have seen our Malay viewership share grow from strength to strength to 69%. On the digital front, our Malay branded social media channels have a fan base of 11 million, reaching out to 70 million social media users with a staggering 66 million post engagement. Today 83% of Malay TV households, and 74% of total Malay radio listeners, engage with us. Due to our high social engagement levels, Astro is in a strong position to reach out to the new generation of Malay consumers.” 

In 2015, Gegar Vaganza surpassed nine million unique viewers - making it the most viewed Astro show of all time. In addition to that, Tuan Anas Mikael garnered over eight million viewers for the season and trended over 24 hours on Twitter, making it the longest-ever trending drama in Malaysia. Our popular MeleTOP programme is also now the top entertainment news brand in Malaysia, attracting a strong following on social media, with Anugerah MeleTOP ERA 2016 reaching a new high of 6.3 million in unique viewers. Astro continued to set a new record with Polis Evo, now the highest grossing Malaysian movie of all time at RM18 million GBO, breaking our own record held by The Journey. The media group constantly innovate to offer relevant content for our customers. The House, quickly became the #1 digital mini-series, reaching more than 29 million online users. 

This year, Astro will continue to create bigger and better winning signature IPs for drama, comedy, Islamic and kids content. At the same time, our viewers will be excited to know that we will be bringing more Korean entertainment premiering on the same day as Korea, bigger live sports events like Euro 2016 and the Rio Olympics including more e-Sport tournaments. 

Given the highly competitive landscape, the Malay radio brands of Astro Radio have once again retained their top ranking in the Nielsen Radio Listenership Survey. ERA fm maintained its No.1 ranking with 4.7 million listeners while Sinar FM is No.2 with 3.7 million listeners. THR Gegar remains unchallenged as the No.1 station in East Coast. 

Nazri Noran, Senior Content Manager of ERA FM said, “We now have 7.6 million listeners accumulatively on ERA fm, Sinar FM and THR Gegar, with the top Breakfast and Drive shows in the country to entertain Malaysians. JoHaRa Pagi ERA with Johan, Haniff and Ray continue to lead the Breakfast segment with 2.6 million listeners while SATE with Shahrol, Dina and Tauke (ERA’s Drive show) attracted 2.5 million listeners.” 

He added, “As our brands continue to thrive, our commercial business remains agile and committed to delivering effective solutions and results to all our clients. Everything we do from the content, technology, marketing and advertising perspective is focused on being social, local and mobile. A big thank you goes out to all our valued clients for entrusting us with their campaigns throughout the years. We continue to be committed to drive 360 integrated multi-platform branded content solutions to ensure appeal and relevance to all Malaysians. To further strengthen content localisation, Astro Radio has also expanded its presence in East Malaysia to reach a largely untapped market and provide the service of localised content by locals for local listeners.” 

The Astro Universe 2016 event which was held in Sime Darby Convention Centre saw attendance of 650 business partners.


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