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Top 10 Ads On Astro in H1, 2017

Astro delivers 10X better reach than the leading video-sharing website


Video is undeniably the most effective advertising format to build brands, and FMCG advertisers consistently connect with over 10mil viewers in an average month on Astro.

A recent article quoting a YouTube study showed that their Top Ads in Malaysia had only 1.9mil views during January - June, 2017 time period*.   Astro, on the other hand, had been delivering 10X higher reach for each of its Top 10 Ads in any given month.

With all the Global FMCG shifting their focus to “awareness creation” and “improving penetration”,TV advertising continues to see an increasing demand from its large advertiser base.  

*Source: Marketing Interactive Article, dated 6/Jul/18


1. Clear Men - Clear Czest Men 2016

    13,070,416 average monthly views 


2. Trivago - Copyspot

    12,940,749 average monthly views 


3. Clear Women - Czest Traffic Jam

    12,622,178 average monthly views


4.Trivago - MRTrivago

   12,598,939 average monthly views


5. Head & Shoulders - Bali Scalp in Skin

    11,954,145 average monthly views


6. Trivago - MSTrivago

    11,723,234 average monthly views


7. Panadol - Speed Mamak Stall

    10,309,149 average monthly views


8. Sensodyne - Relevancy

    10,135,391 average monthly views


9. Breeze Liquid - Smiley 2

    10,015,927 average monthly views


10. Lux - Lux Obsession Magical Spell

      9,912,607 average monthly views




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