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Maria's Auspicious Menu 2

In conjunction with the festive reunion season, city dwellers begin their journey home to reconnect with families and loved ones for the Lunar New Year.

Discover dishes that have graced traditional reunion dinners for centuries, to handmade pastries for ancestor worship, as AEC CNY Comfort Food Recipe brings you classic local new year treats. Rediscover traditional comfort food and recipes that live on in our memories such as Pineapple Tarts, Honeycomb Biscuits, Hokkien Sweet Potato Flour Cake, Sea Cucumber Duck and many more.

Watch the 5 continuous CNY Special episodes on Astro AEC (Channel 301 and 306) from February 12 to 16, Monday to Thursday at 5:30pm, and Friday at 6:30pm. The show will continue from February 25 to April 15, every Sunday at 10:00pm.

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