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Megadrama Belt

Rahsia Hati Perempuan & Klik Pengantin Musim Salju

Megadrama belt on Astro Ria captures up to 70% of Malay females every month. This coming 14 May, two big titles Klik Pengantin Musim Salju and Rahsia Hati Perempuan will be aired from Monday to Thursday at 5pm and 10pm respectively. 

Rahsia Hati Perempuan, is a story about three childhood friends who have lost contact and rekindled their friendship during their travel to Kashmir. There are unexpected turn of events and secrets between them that will unfold from May 14 to 21 June.

Klik Pengantin Musim Salju, a drama that tells the tale of an unlikely romance between a couple forced by family pressure and financial issues. To appease to their families wishes, they travel to Japan where they an old past that connects them was discovered. Everything will be revealed from 14 May to 14 June.


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