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Ramadan Variety Show

Sunnah Home, Resepi Memikat Isteri 2 & Dapur Hancur Lebur

Astro will be bringing a comprehensive list of inspiring content this coming Ramadan!

Sunnah Home

In preparation for Hari Raya, four celebrities will get various space of their home decorated and designed to align with the manners and values of Islam while adding a modern twist to it. Starting on 3 April to 15 June, every Friday at 7.30pm on Astro Ria (Channels 104 & 123).


Resepi Memikat Isteri 2

Resepi Memikat Isteri 2 returns for another year with Jihan Muse as host!  Husbands of 4 celebrity couples and 12 other married couples will participate in this interesting cooking show to prepare scrumptious Buka Puasa dishes for their wives. Every Monday to Thursday from 21 May to 14 June at 12pm on Astro Ria (Channels 104 & 123).


Dapur Hancur Lebur

A cooking show featuring Malaysian Comedians taking over a kitchen! These comedians are challenged to prepare dishes using bizarre props and costumes that will leave the kitchen in a mess. The wackiness will be aired every Monday, 28 May to 18 June at 9pm on Astro Ria (Channels 104 & 123).

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