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The Golden Melodies

Up to 60 singers hailing from home and abroad will take part in this concert-like performance programme, The Golden Melodies. Continuing the fame of the Astro Classic Golden Melodies Singing Competition, distinguished guest singers who have agreed to join this classical music concert include 太极乐队 Tai Chi Band, 朱咪咪 Mimi Chu, 叶振棠 Johnny Yip, 潘越云 Michelle Pan, 黄韵玲 Kay Huang, 曾淑勤 Tseng Shu Ching, 曾静文 Tseng Jing Wen, along with new performers who will present a new musical experience for the audience to watch, listen and sing along. Performances will range from classical music to Huang Mei tunes (a popular folk melody), rock music, film and television soundtracks, and Cantonese classic.

Watch senior songbirds 友弟 Yudi Yap, 山脚下男孩 B.M. Boys, 小凤凤 Xiao Feng Feng, 何志健 Aric, 刘燕燕 Crystal Liew, 何芸妮 Winnie Ho in action. Enjoy past CGM finalists 方爱凌 Fang Ai Ling, 周蕊丽 Julie, 罗志聪 Andy Law, 黄雪云 Sharon Wong, 庄盛 Johnson Wong, and  up and coming Astro talents许佳麟 Danny Koo, 黄毓敏 Min, 曾洁钰 Yoke, 颜慧萍 Geraldine, 赖淞凤 Nicole, 徐凯 Uriah, 李宜玲 Elaine Lee, 周奕斌 Brian Chew, 陈建宏 William Chen.

The Golden Melodies will see an array of special themes for each episode such as ballroom dancing and a rock duel. Besides that, there will be constant interaction with the audience battling on choruses, song dances, live percussions, and many more. Audiences of all ages will be able to experience popular music and also relive past glories every Saturday from 11 November at 8.30pm on Astro AEC. Viewers can also watch online via on demand, with the Astro GO or NJOI Now app.

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